Success Stories

Just a few words from current and past MemSys software users.



With our small staff, MemSys gives us the tools to accomplish our fund raising initiatives with a vast array of reports and mailings that were created with public broadcasting in mind. I know I am just a few clicks away from finding what I need and if not, support is always there for us. We’ll get a call back the same day and sometimes within an hour of submitting a support request. That is what I call service!

Crystal Gross – WWOZ 90.7 FM



I can go on and on about how easy MemSys has made membership life so simple and easy to take care of. I could also go on for days about how great their support staff is. I can’t/don’t want to remember what life was like before MemSys. MemSys has really made life so much better.

Andrew James – 91.3 The Summit WAPS-FM



MemSys has made all the difference in the world.

Barbara Bingnear – WFIT-FM



MemSys never once let us down; and not once did our station need support that did not come through in a timely and mighty way.

Mike Plaskett – retired from the former WDUQ, Pittsburgh



MemSys is a dynamic application that many users at our station have a tendency to treat like it is fixed and stiff. Their training which allows us the knowledge to think for ourselves with MemSys was truly wonderful. This and the continued good support of the whole MemSys team, I know we will be successful.

Grey Johnson – WBGO Jazz 88.3 FM

NEPRMemSys has been beneficial in many ways. The software enables us to track donors, segment files and examine donor support using different calendar methods. We contact our Leadership Circle donors through a quarterly cycle of letters during a calendar year while maintaining our renewal cycle which is based on Member Year.

Chris Daly – NEPR/WFCR



WYCC-TV20’s membership revenue has increased significantly since we started utilizing MemSys. MemSys enables us to quickly and easily generate targeted direct mail appeals and monitor response rates. Many of our processes have become much more efficient since we began using MemSys. The training provided was thorough and the staff is always available as I continue to learn more about how to use this powerful tool to raise more money.

Alisa Clark – WYCC-TV20



The import/export features of Memsys have allowed smooth data integration in the day to day functions. The lock box import and web pledge import of donor, pledge and payment entries have saved us lots of staff time, money and headaches. And our accuracy has gone up. We are very happy with Memsys.

Victor W. Scarpato, Jr. – WRTI-FM


MemSys is just fabulous. The query feature is intuitive and easy to use. What we really appreciate is the consistent support; getting a call back the same day, often the same hour.

Gene Evans – KHPR-FM



We are long-time users of MemSys and continue to be quite satisfied with the system. Being a joint licensee with dual memberships for radio and TV presents many challenges and MemSys has always proven to be up to the task. It was the system of choice when each station operated independently and remained our system of choice when we merged into one consolidated development department.

Angela Meadows – West Virginia Public Broadcasting

Erin O'Doherty


I’ve used MemSys for more than 5 years; and from the start, I’ve been very impressed with the support program. They follow up quickly and they always listen to suggested improvements. It’s really satisfying to see my ideas show up in the next update – new features that make it easier for me to raise more funds and to better serve our members.

Erin O’Doherty, Climb Wyoming, former Director of Membership, Wyoming Public Media



As a consultant who works with stations to analyze their membership program and devise strategies to maximize revenue, I’m always pleased to work with a MemSys station because with MemSys I know I’ll be able to easily find the station data I need.

Betsy Harman, Fundraising Consultant



Since we acquired MemSys in 1999, it has been instrumental in helping KALW sustain a varied and multifaceted relationship with our donors. As a medium sized station in a major market, we need power and flexibility in our membership database. MemSys is very powerful, and its ability to generate custom reports allows us to analyze the changing nature of our membership base in very useful ways.

Annette Bistrop, KALW San Francisco



MemSys is so easy to use! They are open to new ideas, adding upgrades in a timely manner. I strongly recommend MemSys, WebSys and their great support team for any station looking for a membership database!

Gigi Slusher, KNPB Reno NV