The primary focus at Herlick Data Systems is our MemSys Membership Fundraising System. MemSys is a comprehensive software package that supports your membership management and fundraising activities, and to track the performance of those efforts, as well as output financial reports for the business office.

The software has grown organically for over a quarter century.  Much of the growth has been motivated by input from users.  MemSys grew out of a public/community broadcasting model and that is the main focus.  However, it can be used by any non-profit organization, especially if it offers annual memberships.

MemSys is the system of choice for medium and small market public radio and television stations across the United States and Canada.


MemSys software is great, but our responsive, professional support sustains your efforts on a day-to-day basis.  Contract support based on an annual subscription is the best value to get the timely, expert help you need.  HDS provides user support through an email ticketing system, a toll-free 800 number with live response or timely call-backs and the web site Support section.


HDS provides full on-site training upon installation.  It’s not simply “press this key” training; it includes a comprehensive overview of your system that gives you the expertise to use MemSys according to proven industry practices, while it still allows you to “think for yourself”.  The education provided includes analysis of your database to assure that you are getting the most out of MemSys.  Standard industry business rules are implemented for cost-effective fundraising.

Online training is also available for new or existing users, either to cover the basics, to provide spot training on specific features or for a system-wide review.

Consulting Services

Our primary goal is to help you succeed by maximizing your fundraising effectiveness and by improving your business processes.

HDS can provide consultating services to help you take on the issues, challenges and technology that affect your mission – in these important areas:

How to recruit top quality membership and database staff with the right skill sets.  We want to help you deal effectively with the changing workplace.

Database analysis and clean-up services, working in collaboration with your staff, to implement consistent data quality, which in turn leads to improve net revenue from your efforts. This will help you overcome prior coding practices, if they no longer meet current needs or future plans for cost effective fundraising.

Custom Designed Software

Many clients extend the capabilities of their MemSys system with custom-designed processes, audit reports or other data mining tools. Often, we provide clients with special programs to exchange information with databases or other software acquired from other sources.  Whenever someone asks “Can MemSys do this?” the answer is always “Yes”, an answer that speaks both to our technical capabilities and our service philosophy.  We’ll either show our client how their existing system can perform the special task, or how we can extend it with custom programming that is timely and affordable.

Remote IT Support

If support is needed in this area, HDS can connect you with an expert in remote infrastructure troubleshooting to cover the following areas:

  • Identify and resolve computer/network performance bottlenecks and permissions issues
  • Recommend class of equipment to be used for file server and desktop computers (note: HDS is not an equipment vendor)
  • Recommend file server backup solutions (beyond the MemSys backup utility)
  • Audit web sites to make recommendations involving security issues and best practices

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    MemSys is just fabulous. The Query feature is intuitive and easy to use. And we really appreciate the consistent support!