Major Giving

Major Giving provides separate access to authorized users for confidential major donor information, as well as access to basic MemSys information. 


► Confidential major giving information only accessible to authorized users

► Identify major donors individually on the donor screen OR

► Audit all donors, by giving patterns, to identify confirmed or prospective major donors

► View major donors assigned to segments based on user-defined selection criteria

► Extensive personal information fields above and beyond basic MemSys include:

        ♦ Seven phone number fields, plus best time to call

        ♦ Email fields including CCs for assistants, legal counsel, business managers, etc.

        ♦ Place-of-employment contact fields for both donor and spouse

        ♦ Assistant contact information fields for both donor and spouse

        ♦ Field to track children’s information including name, address, birth date and age

        ♦ Detailed alert system, including major donor alerts, board notes, interest, profile and strategy

► Employment information includes workplace addresses, professional titles and contact information

► Extended Giving History fields

        ♦ Separate annual giving totals for last eight years (calendar or fiscal) and lifetime total

        ♦ Includes all giving history, not limited to membership gifts

Moves Management

► Contact management system tracks unlimited contacts and follow ups:

        ♦ Automatic follow up pop-up alert upon user log-in

        ♦ Print contact/follow-up lists by date range

        ♦ Specific forms of contact: call, email, letter or visits

        ♦ Extensive space for detailed information

        ♦ Standardized contact subject capability

        ♦ Prior or planned contacts listings include date, type, staff, follow-up date, completed flag

        ♦ Moves management reporting by contacts, payments and/or last gift by date range

Mailings & Reports

► Unique major donor mailings easily export personalized information for use by authorized users

► Activity history lists detail on all mailings sent: solicitations, invitations, tax receipts, pledge reminders and more.

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