Web Pledge Import

Web Pledge Import module allows you to import pledges downloaded from any web-based form.  Robust donor matching minimizes duplicates. 

► Import pledges or print out a pledge list or both.  Included is advance work with webmaster to establish the set of fields to be imported. This provides an opportunity to customize as needed.  

► Full data sync with Convio including: web pledge import, upload shadow and constituent files.

► Optional link to Paya (formerly Sage Payments) saves sensitive credit card information in their secure electronic vault, eliminating all card numbers from the database.  Partnerships with Public Interactive and ComNet Telemarketing allow import of Pay GUID’s (globally unique I.D.) instead of card numbers, eliminating card numbers from the database.  MemSys – Paya credit card processing link quickly and securely processes credit card payments on the web pledges.  

► Web import searches for matching donor before saving the pledge.  Robust searching by several match-key combinations using name, address, phone and email fields result in a higher match rate than is usually achieved through manual searches on the donor screen.

► Optional update of donor fields on import: names, address, company, phone numbers, emails.

► Campaign source code can be imported from each record or save a standard source code

► Standard purpose codes; new, renew, lapsed rejoin or additional gift can be saved or calculated based on donor’s current expiration date.

► Save a standard pledge date and break number associated with each pledge or to use the web pledge’s date and time stamp to find the nearest matching break in your database.  Shift time-stamp hour as needed for pledges posted by a service provider in a different time zone, so they are concurrent with your breaks.

► Current fields imported: name and secondary name, company, delivery address, secondary address, city, state, zip, evening phone, day phone, email addresses for both names, pledge date and time, pledge amount, payment method, match employer code, two premium codes, comments, gift subscriber, address and email address.  Field list can be customized and expanded whenever required.

► Depending on the source of your web pledges and the selected format, the web import can create lump-sum pledges and install plans and post progress payments on existing plans, without any need to upload cross-reference information.  MemSys captures the service provider’s pledge number, for example, working with Convio and Kimbia, after which progress payments are easily credited to the pledges.

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