Premium Inventory

Premium Inventory module allows you to manage the entry and shipment of all premiums.  Establish a minimum amount received to ship premium, print shipment labels, report premium shipment status, members with premiums list, inventory list and premium pledge performance. 

Inventory Maintenance

► Create premium with a unique inventory number

► Description

► Pledge amount required

► Fair market value

► Unit cost

► In-stock numbers including status breakdowns

Vendor Maintenance

► Create a vendor record with a unique identification number

► Allows for option to limit mailings and reports by one or more vendors

Premium Entry on Pledges

► Entry of up to five premiums associated with any one pledge

► Individual premiums can be set to ship to the donor or gift recipient

► Pop-up warning if pledge amount is less than the required amount to receive premium

► Automatically approves premiums for shipment, on posting the required payment amount

Premium Entry on Donor

► Allows entry of unlimited premium requests per donor

► Detailed premium review features including date entered, date approved, date label  printed, date item shipped and date item returned


► Premium mailings in a variety of output formats

► Mailing marks premium request as label printed or item shipped

► Allows any batch of labels to be reprinted or to have status changed as needed


► Inventory Status is a premium inventory list including in stock, FMV, approval amount, etc.

► Premium Status provides a detailed listing of  items in stock, on hold, approved to ship, labels printed, shipped and returned

► Premium List reports donor pledges with premium requests, donor contact information, pledge and premium status and is ideal for customer service use

► Revenue Performance tracks success rate by requested premium with average pledged and paid, days to pay off and fulfillment rate

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