Advanced Fundraising

Advanced Fundraising enhances your ability to segment and target the members based on their giving patterns.  Renewal, lapsed-rejoin and additional gift mailings output files with a wide range of personalization fields.  Segmentation reports output information about member giving patterns and flag members for better targeting. 


► Additional gift appeals: by giving level, status, suggested upgrades based on last add-gift

► Lapsed/rejoin appeals: upgrades based on last member gift or member-year total

► Monthly renewal series: targets members due to renew; integrates with renewal reports


► Gift purpose: break down gifts by new, add-gift, renewal or rejoin

► Percentage response rate: percent of list making a gift

► Return on investment (ROI): gross revenue over mailing cost revealing net income

► Response by user-defined geographic locations

► Retention by additional gifts: effect of add-gifts on donor renewals

► Additional gifts by source of prior gift and by longevity

Donor Segmentation – Produces Reports & Flags Records

► Donor pyramid: score donors by nine level matrix of gift size and frequency

► Giving frequency and recency:  number of donors who give 1, 2, 3 or more times a year

► Membership levels: segment donors into ten giving levels based on user-selected gift type

► Multi-year giving: score donors based on the long-term annual giving

► Membership Percentiles:  flag donors based on their position 00 to 99 by gift size

► Donors by Zip: counted by ZIP5 or ZIP3

► Donors by Period: donors giving within a specified date range

Revenue Planning

► Periodic Budget review: budget projection vs. collected income

Renewal Reports

► Income projections

► Detailed Mailing Analysis produces Income Summary and Response Summary for up to 7 renewal hits

► Renewals by geographic locations

► Renewal upgrade trends: global survey determines average member upgrades

Setup Capabilities

► Renewal Source statistics are compiled by mailings and reports; also can be edited for detailed results

► Upgrade table: maintain table of custom upgrade levels, which in turn enable personalized upgrade asks

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