Credit Card Processing

The Credit Card Authorization module exports pending credit card pledges to a variety of third-party programs to automate card approvals and payment processing. All MemSys tools involved in the entry and processing of sensitive credit card information are certified PA-DSS compliant.  The Credit Card Authorization module posts payments, which 1. fulfills pledges, 2. approves qualified premiums for shipment, 3. renews existing donors and 4. activates membership for new or lapsed donors.  It does everything one would expect to happen when entering payments on the donor screen, except that it processes payments quickly, in batches of any size, and with far greater accuracy than manually entered records.

► Process batches of lump-sum pledges or recurring installments

► Multiple formats of export files to be uploaded to one of the third-party payment processors

Compatible Banking Software

 ♦  ♦ ICVerify
 ♦ Global Retail PC  ♦ Vital POS Partner
 ♦ PC-Batch  ♦ PC ChargePro
 ♦ Pay Trace  ♦ PC-Transactit
 ♦ Moneris  ♦ viaWARP
 ♦ C.H.I.  ♦ Paya (formerly Sage Payments)
 ♦ Retail PC 3.4c  ♦ Trust Commerce

► Paya (formerly Sage) format does everything in one step, eliminating any dependence on exported or imported text files; it is the most secure and efficient to use of all of the payment processors

► Export lump-sum credit card pledges by pledge dates to charge entire balance due; or export installment plan payments due as of the current month, aging each plan to charge the correct amount, with an option to charge enough to make up for missed installments.

Filter Transactions by In-House Accounting Rules

► Option is to filter out pledges whose card expiration dates have passed, listing them instead in a report used for follow-up calls to donors

► Filters allow charges to be run separately for different types of cards, campaigns or revenue funds as called for to process payments in accordance with your organization’s business practices.

Emphasis on Security and Donor Relations

► When using encrypted card numbers, the export requires entry of a password, limiting it to authorized operators

► Import tool reads a settlement file downloaded from the payment processing software or online service, posting payments automatically

► Settlement file distinguishes between approved payments and declines, provides a list of payments and declines.  Decline lists include information needed to contact the donor

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