Membership – Pledge Management

Membership – Pledge Management is the foundation of a complete membership system. Maintain your membership database, enter pledges, and print reports. This module allows for the output of basic mailings, member cards and tax receipts.  Operator, passwords, access rights and transaction tracking enforce security.

Reporting & Entry/Data Features

► Customizable formal and informal addressee and salutations
► Segment and/or suppress mail, email and telephone contact preferences
► Dates of birth, age, education and income levels
► Alternate address and stop mail by date range
► PCI Compliant credit card security (MemSys is certified PA-DSS compliant)
► Cross-reference donor records for any reason
► Comprehensive contact management system including follow-up date and completion flag
► Enter or import complete pledge information, including installments, sustainers & gift memberships
► Payment posting automatically activates or renews membership, including support for dual licensees
► Tickler notifications pop-up when logging on
► Import U.S.P.S. Zip +4 updates/N.C.O.A. (change of address)
► Generous supply of user-defined fields to track a wide variety of information
► Password-protected data backup

Reporting & Mailing Features

► Pledge reports; Break, Day, Programs, Locations and Goals

► Detailed Fulfillment reports; Breaks, Programs, Zip, Source, Response Method and Write-offs

► Financial reports; Daily Payment Register, Compare Fiscal Years, Income Analysis, Installment Plans

► Industry reports; CPB SABS, GP (formerly DEI) Benchmarks, S.I.P.

► Mailings programs: Subscription Mailing, Pledge Reminders and Annual Tax Receipts

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    We are long-time users of MemSys. Being a joint licensee with dual memberships for radio and TV presents many challenges and MemSys has always been up to the task.