EasyFund CRM is making progress

We are working hard to bring you the next evolution of the MemSys Fundraising Database.

It’s new name will be EasyFund CRM.

Michael will be attending the PBS Annual meeting in Las Vegas,

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UPS/Power Issues

It is recommended that your file server be protected against power fluctuations and interruptions by using an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Connect the UPS between your AC power source and the file server’s main power connection. If your system is not a client-server system, it is also recommended that all computer workstations that will access MemSys 4 files be equipped with UPS’s.

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Start of new Calendar/Fiscal Year

MemSys keeps track of the dates of your current calendar and fiscal year.  Twice a year, (a) update MemSys to advance one of the date ranges, and then (b) Recount Donor Totals to reflect the change. These actions are correctible and repeatable if any errors occur.

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Reindexing Data Files

This article applies to any site that is not yet using Pervasive SQL to manage MemSys data tables. If your site uses Pervasive SQL, there is no need to periodically reindex tables.  Adding Pervasive SQL to your system limits the reading and writing of shared data to the file server itself.

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Printers – Setting up Network Printers

MemSys can use any of your computer's connected printers.  There is nothing specific to set up in MemSys, since the program will use the printers defined for your computer.


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Logging into MemSys

Operator Login

After loading MemSys from a desktop shortcut, you will see the operator login panel:

Operator I.D.

Type in a valid Operator I.D. code of up to three characters and press the [Tab] key.

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Backups are necessary because of the risk of computer malfunctions or electrical or physical hazards that could damage or destroy your data files.

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