Start of new Calendar Year

Start of new Calendar Year

On the first working day after January 1, please open “Setup… MemSys System File”.

Click on the “Years” tab page.  Change “Calendar – Dates (from)” to the start date of the new calendar year. Doing so calculates the end date (no entry required) and it saves the changes. Close the entry panel.

Recount Donor Totals

After advancing calendar year, please open “Input… Donors/Pledges/Payments”.

Click on the “Options & Tasks” tab.  Select the task “Recount donor totals”.

Click [Start].

On the setup panel, select “All donors starting at account 0”.

At your option, check the option to close MemSys when the audit it done.

Click [Start] to begin the audit.

Please allow the audit to run all the way through – do not cancel it early, or some donors won’t have their annual totals updated correctly.  If you get part way through the donor table, and you must stop the audit, before clicking [Cancel] note one of account numbers displayed on the progress panel.  You may cancel the audit, and then restart it later, jumping in at any account number.  Donor records are scanned in account number order.

After advancing the year in the system file and running recount donor totals, every donor’s annual totals for all tracked calendar and fiscal years reflect current for the new year. This refers to the dollar totals one sees in “Input… Donors/Pledges/Payments” on the Giving History tab pages.

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